What We Do

Magest Building Systems Limited (MBSL) specializes in the design and assembly of cold formed steel (studs, joists and trusses) as a complete panelized building system with structural integrity suitable for framing and building single or multi-storey buildings worldwide.

Wall Panels, Roof Systems and Floor Systems

MBSL can create both load bearing and non-load bearing walls (interior and exterior). This is completed through our tailored manufacturing process. All panels are designed and built with the utmost quality ensuring all panels achieve and surpass fire, sound transmission and thermal resistance ratings set out in the residential and commercial building code requirements.

Roof Systems best suited for working attic spaces, vaulted ceilings, cathedral ceilings or specific architectural design features that require longer spans and can be designed and manufactured according to any client’s needs.

  • Superior Strength Calculated Savings
  • A Partnership Worth Building On
  • Our process places us and more importantly your business ahead of the competition
  • Revolutionize Construction using a new standard, cold formed steel
  • The Industry Leader, Teamwork, Coordination, Accountability, Innovation
  • Steel is the superior construction material
  • Our process, places us and more importantly your business ahead of the competition

Benefits of Cold Formed Steel / Green Initiatives

  • Reduce time on-site (panelized, swift installation)
  • Reduce Builder’s Risk Insurance
  • Reduce garbage disposal costs (2% steel vs. 20% lumber)
  • Reduce Material theft
  • No weather restrictions - year round construction
  • Superior fire protection - non combustable