Superior Quality

  • Consistently high workmanship quality  superior to site-built.
  • No deficiency list
  • More durable than site-built construction
  • Easier to maintain

Cost Control

  • No change orders because all specifications are agreed  to up front and provided for a fixed price.
  • Less overhead expenses from trash removal, utilities and field supervision.
  • No site theft or needs for repair of damaged fixtures. Bathrooms are packaged, locked and secured.

Faster Construction

  • Built ahead of time and delivered when  you need them, removing worker-hours from the construction site.
  • Easy hookup to the service risers, much like an appliance.
  • Seamless integration with the existing floor with no need for slab depressions for most applications.


  • One point of contact instead of coordinating eight different trades.
  • Improved accountability by having one supplier responsible for the entire bathroom, allowing field supervision to be more productive.
  • Faster design because architects can depend on Magest for design assist expertise.